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Myott Son & Co. Art Deco Ceramics Restoration

Restoration of Myott Torpedo Vase

Myott Torpedo Vase

We were asked to restore this rare example of a Staffordshire Myott Son & Co. Torpedo Vase. The 4 'finials' at the top of the vase are very prone to damage and in this case one of them had been completely knocked off and shoddily glued back by one of the previous owners. In order to cover up the poor quality repair the finial was over-painted with pure white gloss paint. This did not match the ‘honey-glaze’ of the Myott pottery so the other 3 finials were also painted white. It was therefore our task to strip the gloss paint away, remove and repair the damaged finial and also to match the honey-glaze back to original condition.

This restoration was undertaken for Martin Wilkie who runs www.myottcollectorsclub.com If you would like a reference from Martin then please contact him at

Myott Torpedo vase BEFORE

Myott Torpedo Vase AFTER

Myott Art Deco Owl Bookend Restoration

Myott Owl Bookend

This poor fellow had seen better days. Another job for Martin, which required extensive work to restore the Myott owl bookend to its former glory. The owl had become completely detached from the base, there was a chip to the plinth and also some annoying paint loss around the eyes which spoilt the presentation of this quirky Art Deco ceramic.

Care had to taken in removing the owl, cleaning the old glue away (which had been smeared clumsily along the badly aligned join), restoring and re-matching the original paintwork. The chip was repaired and also the paint flakes retouched around the eye.

Originally this owl bookend would have come as a pair, so if you own an example of this piece and would like to sell it, then please contact Don’t worry if the piece is damaged as – of course – I am only too happy to restore it.

Myott Owl Bookend BEFORE

Myott Owl Bookend AFTER