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Global Ceramic Restoration
Ceramic Restoration and Repair of Art Deco Pottery, Porcelain, China and Terracotta

Art Deco Ceramics restoration

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Keith Murray

New Zealand ceramics designer Keith Murray originally trained as an architect in London in 1919. Due to low work levels he went on to become a magazine illustrator. After an attempt to become involved in glass design he found his niche as a ceramics designer in 1932 when he designed for Stevens & Williams. Keith Murray’s talent was recognised by Josiah Wedgwood as he assisted Tom Wedgwood by producing a range of teaware and dinnerware called ‘Annular’. Keith Murray’s works are recognised by their plain design and often ribbed form.

Keith Murray Vase Restoration

Keith Murray Vase

There had been some small amounts of fragmentation to the base of this Keith Murray vase.

Firstly our restorer aligned all the small fragments of pottery, then infilled any missing areas, finishing the process with glaze and colour match.

Keith Murray Vase BEFORE

Keith Murray Vase AFTER