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Global Ceramic Restoration
Ceramic Restoration and Repair of Art Deco Pottery, Porcelain, China and Terracotta

Art Deco Ceramics restoration

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Global Ceramic Restoration - Web Repair Service

Global Ceramic Services is owned and operated by Set for the Net Ltd and Just Say Net Ltd.

Our restoration team specialise in the restoration and conservation of fine china, porcelain, pottery, resin, terracotta, plaster clay, stone and other related materials primarily in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.

All work is completed to very high quality standards, including damaged vases, jugs, bowls, plates, figurines and many other items. Missing pieces such as chips, hands or arms can be replaced, and colours and glazes matched.

Also available is a quality but lower-priced repair service on everyday items of china for clients wanting pieces re-assembled.

Our restorers undertake work for many private collectors, antique dealers, auction houses and museums worldwide. They also undertake insurance work.