example of clarice cliff restoration
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Clarice Cliff Restoration

Clarice Cliff Persian Bowl Repair

Newport Pottery Burslem

Clarice Bowl- As you can see from the photographs this Clarice Cliff Persian bowl had sustained severe damage as a result of being dropped, there were numerous cracks which had to be sealed and fragmentation which had to be reconstructed.

Clarice Cliff Vase BEFORE

Clarice Cliff Vase AFTER

The restoration was completed after the bowl had been reassembled. Recolouring involved matching the base colour of the bowl then touching in the Persian pattern where there was damage, this was followed by the final glaze to complete a restoration of the highest professional standard.

Clarice Cliff Sugar Sifter

Secrets pattern 1933-1937

This Clarice Cliff Sugar Sifter in the Secrets pattern had sustained damage to the bottom half of its feet. We reassembled the broken fragments of pottery and along with reconstructing any missing chips, followed by recolouring to match the original honey glaze and hand-painted pattern. We completed the project with a reglaze.

Clarice Cliff Sugar Sifter BEFORE

Clarice Cliff Sugar Sifter AFTER