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Global Ceramic Restoration
Ceramic Restoration and Repair of Art Deco Pottery, Porcelain, China and Terracotta

Art Deco Ceramics restoration

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Ceramic Restoration

We will restore a wide variety of materials which include ceramic, china, pottery, porcelain, terracotta, clay, resin, stoneware and other related materials.

Our restorers undertake many different types of restoration, utilising a diverse selection of glazes and paints, selected according to the clientís requirements. For instance, if a piece should demand a cold glaze restoration then we select the facility to carry out this particular methodology.

We also offer what we term as a museum repair, a type of high level restoration, which requires no glazes or paints. We would reconstruct any missing segments using colour related resin and would completely seal any cracks.

There are a variety of restoration techniques which we can carry out. This is all depending on what material the item is made from. Materials such as resin, plaster and clay we would carry out a cold restoration using either solvent-based glazes and paints or acrylic-based glazes and paints. This is decided after the evaluation of the item.

With items made of materials such as china, ceramic and porcelain, we would normally use an oven to bake the restoration. If a cold restoration is required this will be decided after evaluation. In using the oven we would not exceed 250 degrees to 300 degrees Celsius and we would be use solvent-based glazes and paints.

Our aim is to offer the client the exact restoration which suits the job, to a very high standard and one which is in line with budget.